sing each minute you've been frightened
every hour that you've lost sleep
i make music, my eyebrows are too big, i think astronomy is the coolest.

My dad, in his 50s, is a lifelong hippie and has dreads to his waist. Plus all the other hippie accoutrements.  He came into work today and I could see people staring in bemusement at him. Later, a couple of people commented that they thought he was cool, but a secretary in her 20s asked me if ever got embarrassed by him. [yes - I was stunned by her temerity, too]
No I do not EVER get embarrassed by him. I am proud that my dad is an individual and has always followed his heart. I could never be embarrassed by anybody who did that. Those sorts of people are precious. There are far too few of them in this relentlessly conformist world.


dude if you think about it we’re already astronauts. earth is in space. we’re in space. dude

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Photography by wka



Lights - Joga (Cover) - Toronto 05/10/13

This makes me feel.




this lady danced for all eternity

literally, mother nature.

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Claude Monet
Roses (Les Roses) (1925–26)